Removing the Dilemma of Build versus Buy

Removing the Dilemma of Build versus Buy

Gästblogg av John Wainer och Lars Barthold Nielsen från Wizdom company

When organizations embark on digital workplace projects, it often has quite many stakeholders and will include changes in organization work life and habits. Therefore, in the effort to truly meet unique needs of the business, often the dilemma of build versus buy becomes a discussion point.

Can a pre-build product deliver solutions that are close enough to the required business needs? Or do we need a bespoke implementation? With the pre-build solution, organizations can leverage best practice from many customers and benefit from an evolving “evergreen” solution that continuously provide enhancements. With the bespoke solution, you get a solution tailored to the needs of the business.

With Wizdom Accelerate, we believe you can have both. This removes the dilemma of build versus buy.

Allow us to elaborate a bit on this statement. Based on many installations over the years, experience has shown that all companies often request a basic set of similar functions and content. Common features include uniform design, corporate, department and individual news distribution with likes and comments, department pages, employee directory, handbooks as well as employee manuals and collaboration workspaces. In cases where business needs differ from the standard layouts, changes and modifications are usually adding and removing content, how the page is created and any business processes around these pages.

The Wizdom Accelerate Intranet program is designed with this in mind. Instead of an out-of-the-box digital workplace or intranet solution that rigidly delivers a pre-defined set of functions, “Wizdom Accelerate” innovatively automates the implementation and configuration of the most common functions needed and configure them based on best-practice. The customer and partner can then use the time focusing on optimizing these best practices to match the business needs and faster add value as opposed to spending a lot of time on base configurations that are custom configured anyway.

Using a project lead person from the business knowing what the requirements are at a high level, computer intelligence collects actual information. A wizard then guides the configuration of advanced areas such as organization structure, standard menus and menus for departments, channels for communication and personalization, advanced people search, handbook including advanced features as well as collaboration spaces. As a result, you have the real deal. A fully functional digital workplace and intranet that can be used as a foundation for adaption to business needs.

With this approach, implementation projects can take a true scrum approach where you define a rough estimation of the functionality needed. Then prioritize the different functions and start implementing the configuration in stages taking the ones with most business impact first.

During the implementation, you get as far as time permits without the risk of missing content, as you have all the functionality needed. Generally explained, you simply start with the most business critical adjustments and then move your way down the list until you are out of time. From then on, you use standard best-practice functions.

If budget permits, you can perform more implementation runs. This removes tedious and risky long-lasting implementation projects.

In some cases, customers use an agile approach, where Accelerate is first implemented and then, subsequently, adjusted over a series of “customization sprints”. Unlike regular scrum, where this is focused on an implementation, some customers choose to regularly change the intranet creating an evergreen approach.

With this new innovative Wizdom Accelerate approach, you can entirely remove the build- versus-buy dilemma and move to an agile, automated approach. Now you do not have the tradeoff between build versus buy. You can buy a Wizdom Accelerate platform and then over time customize it so you get best of both worlds. A standard platform that is custom configured to your bespoke business needs.

You get best of both worlds. That is what fuels the success with Wizdom Accelerate among our customers. This approacy is commonly seen in cloud deployments, but Wizdom Accelerate can actually be applied equally well for on-premise and cloud deployments.

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